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About Us

​Honest Physiotherapy Clinic emphasizes our

namesake and our identity in being an honest provider to you

Getting better means that you not only deserve to be diagnosed properly right from the start, but that you also are given every single iota of information that is proven through research and expert evidence to get you better.

We also believe that you deserve a better version of care than what is out there, that you should have your time respected, and that your entire session is spent exclusively one-on-one with an experienced physiotherapist who you know and trust. 

Get Better, Stay Strong

joey mo from honest physiotherapy hiking up a grassy hill.jpg

Our goal is to get you out of here so you can live your best life.

We do as much as possible under one roof, and for those specialists that we need to refer to, we have an expert network of clinicians to transition you seamlessly to so you are always in good hands. 


Staying strong means we see you less often, and you get better faster. When it’s all done, we give you maintenance activities and exercises to stay healthy and stay strong. 


Because as much as we love seeing you, our goal is to get you out of here so you can live your best life, spending less time in physiotherapy and more time doing the things you love. 


And that’s the honest difference.


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