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COVID-19 Protocol

To protect you, our clinic has the following COVID-19 commitments in place

  • As part of routine clinical practice, physiotherapists and staff clean and disinfect surfaces (using virucidal disinfectants) between patients

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces (i.e. doorknobs, light switches, washrooms, pin pads, etc.)

  • We have removed items from our clinics that cannot easily be cleaned (i.e. newspapers, magazines, stuffed toys, etc.) that would otherwise be in waiting rooms and shared areas

  • We have always and continue to encourage the one-on-one clinic environment rather than group classes

  • We ensure time is provided between appointments to allow for thorough cleaning and disinfecting

  • We ensure time is provided between appointments to reduce the number of patients in the clinic concurrently

  • Encouraging patients to wait in their vehicles until called/texted that the clinician is ready to see them

  • We pre-screen patients for COVID symptoms and exposures (i.e. contact, travel) prior to their arrival

  • Eliminating penalties for missed/cancelled appointments due to respiratory illnesses

  • Providing temperature checks and hands-cleaning methods upon arrival

  • Providing services via telerehabilitation to service populations who are at risk of in-person visits

  • We continue to follow the evolving directives of the Chief Medical Officer of Health during this unprecedented time

  • Turning away patients who demonstrate symptoms of COVID-19

  • Having clinicians and staff complete a daily COVID-19 Self-Assessment prior to the start of their designated shift to ensure the safety of clients and colleagues

  • Limiting the exchange of physical materials with patients and instead providing electronic documentation and resource sharing (i.e. contactless payment, digital receipts,

  • Wearing medical-grade surgical or procedural masks at all times during the treatment process

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